Gigantic Objects That Will Make You Feel Small

Believe it or not, the fear of large objects really does exist, and it’s known as Megalophobia. It is a condition that a number of people are currently suffering from. On the other hand, many others are interested by various gigantic objects! That being said, here are some amusing gigantic objects that will make you feel small! Take a look! 

#1 The maker of this shower duck must have an obsession with rubber duckies.


#2 When you just want to tell the world how badly you love chocolates and needed a break at the same time.


#3 Does Toblerone grow each year? I personally have seen this chocolate growing bigger each year.


#4 Mother of all chips! I wish all chips were like this. Wouldn’t it be nice?


#5 When you are preparing for a big gathering.


#6 Wait, is this a garbage bin or a styrofoam cup for coffee?


#7 When you’re a pizza lover but decided to eat just one slice. Come on, I know you want too.


#8 And this is how a giant does his laundry.


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#9 I can’t decide which is which. Are the children just too small or is the bench too big?!

#10 They say you’re not you when you’re hungry. After seeing this picture, I am now convinced.


#11 When grandma finds a size 20 shoe at Goodwill! 


#12 If huge calculators would mean huge chances of getting the right answers, sign me up!


#13 What every tea or coffee addict needs in their lives…


#14 That should be one big light you must have gotten right there.


#15 A table fit for the BFG! 

Justinc/Wikimedia Commons

#16 How it feels when you find that lost pair of favorite underwear…

#17 Wow, you could fit a lot of food in that bag… 


#18 When you just want to slice everything at once to save time, all you need is this!


What can you say about these real oversized objects? Do you have your own oversized stuff you want to share? We’d like to hear from you.