10 Awesome Alternative Uses For Lip Balm


We’re sure that every woman has an old lip balm, somewhere down in the depths of her makeup bag. Often, these little tubs, or tubes, lie there completely forgotten about for years! However, did you know that this humble lip preparation can be used for so much more than moisturizing the skin on your lips? In fact, lip balm is a real miracle product and is perfect for carrying around with you in case of an emergency! Take a look, what you can do is amazing and it’ll save you money too!


If you’re out and about and develop a blister on your foot, lip balm works wonders!


A little bit of lip balm applied to a sore and irritated nose can be awesome for soothing.


If your ring is stuck on your finger, remove it quickly by applying a little balm to the area!


Lip balm is perfect for keeping straggly eyebrows in check!


Use lip balm on your cuticles when you have run out of cuticle cream!


Use a small amount of lip balm to tame flyaways!


It can even unstick zippers, too!


If you’re away from home and have forgotten your eye cream, a little lip balm can be used in an emergency.


If you are coloring your hair, when lip balm is applied to the skin around the hairline it will minimize any potential staining!


And finally, erase smudged mascara with a tiny bit of this miracle product on a cotton swab!

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