Want A Treehouse But Not Got A Garden? No Problem With This Treeless Treehouse


Kids and adults alike are fascinated by treehouses. The only real problem with them is that they take up a lot of space and can be difficult to build if you don't know how. The team at Hollegha Arquitectos in Madrid have designed what could be the most perfect treehouse ever. It can be suspended almost anywhere with no need for a tree at all!

Website: HolleghaArquitectos


The treehouse can be suspended anywhere that takes your fancy!

treeless treehouse suspended


You choose your own view.

treeless treehouse view


It's a fun place for kids to play and to learn all about the natural world around them.

treeless treehouse kids stuff



Kids love to have their own secret space.

treeless treehouse outside


What a lovely calming view which will hopefully keep your little ones nice and calm too!

treeless treehouse plant view

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