19 People Who Had One Simple Job But Still Managed To Screw It Up

It’s normal for most of us to have difficulties in adjusting on our first day on the job, but that’s okay because eventually we’ll get the hang of it. But sometimes, there are those who never cross the finish line. These kinds of people might ‘complete’ the job, but when you really look at what they have achieved, you aren’t so sure. Here we have some people who had one simple job but still managed to screw it up! Take a look! 

Just think of it as a drinking water fountain.

That’s just great! The placement was really well-thought through.

This is where cars need a kangaroo jumping function. 

I’m not sure this is the right college to go to if you plan on doing architecture.

People have a different sense of artistry.

Water into wine? Talk about a miracle!

Perfect place for some quiet time! The only problem now is how to get there. Hmm..

Because sometimes one is just not enough.

A game called “Which one’s my body?”

Have avocados change their color?

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Just what I need to get through the day.

Looks like someone missed their geography class.

Nothing can get in your way…

The drain didn’t want to get wet.

It just needs a little turn…

Landscaping is not for everyone.

Sometimes you have to take the road less traveled.

What matters is that they got everything else right.