14 Awesome Ways To Recycle Old CD’s That You Never Thought Of


We all carry music around with us on our cell phones, MP3 players, and by other digital means. As a result of all these electronic storage devices, the CD is beginning to go the way of the vinyl record (ask your mom!). So the question is, what do you do with all those CDs just cluttering up the house? Well they are admittedly really cool-looking with their reflective backs, and with this in mind we've pulled together 14 awesome and easy ideas for CD DIY crafts.


These crochet CDs look absolutely amazing and make wonderful gifts too!


This awesome mosaic window is easy to make and is a real talking point.


This owl is a lot of fun!


Created with a CD, eggshells, and lots of imagination, this picture is charming!


This CD mirror is so cool and looks great in any house.


Ever thought of making a cool clock from an old CD?


Simply paint a CD black, etch on a pattern, and hang on the wall for inexpensive and beautiful wall art.


This lampshade looks designer but is cheap and easy to make!


Why not make your own necklace from old broken CDs which have been blasted in the microwave for a few seconds and softened in the oven? Who knew they would turn this color?



Aww cute! Get your younger family members into CD crafts by showing them how to make CD snowmen!


Bling up a boring collar by sticking on some broken CD pieces. So effective and cool!


Make a beautiful candle holder with a CD as a base and glass marble sides. What a wonderful gift for yourself or for someone special!


This lamp made from CDs looks modern, cool, and costs virtually nothing to make!


This is an easy "make" that any one can have a go at.

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