People Reveal What It’s Like To Fall In Love With A Transgender Person

Times have changed. There has been a drastic change in the relationships. Now, romantic love is not just limited to male and female. These days, when it comes to love, gender is a non-issue including love for a transgender person. However, being in love with a transgender person is not easy for some people and may welcome different struggles and challenges. These confessions may give us a different perspective on love.

Here we have a few people reveal what it’s like to fall in love with a transgender person. Because you can’t choose who to love.


Use your heart to choose who to love.

Maybe you’ll get used to it.

Nothing is really that simple anyway.

When it doesn’t really change a thing:

When love is all about making the other person happy:

Love is all that matters.

When being honest is a struggle sometimes:

Love is love but sometimes parents know best.

Because these things are really hard to understand.

When you’re in love and nothing else matters:

Keeping secrets is really difficult.

That sounds amazing.

When it may seem simple but it’s really not:

People can be so judgmental.

At least you try to make it work and that’s true love.

When you get the best of both worlds:

When you love someone, you go through struggles.


Gender is not an issue when you like someone.

Love is love is love.

Building honesty is important to any relationship.