That Awkward Moment When People Ran Into An Ex

A lover becomes an ex after you’ve broken up with them. And as much as you want them to totally disappear in your life, they don’t. They may have stopped being a part of your life but they still exist to live their own lives somewhere. No matter how you want to avoid it, your paths would cross again sooner or later. Bumping into an ex is not easy and it will leave you with an awkward moment that is almost unbearable. But it’s a small world we’re living in and you’ll encounter this moment eventually. Have you figured out what to do when you happen to run into your ex?

These people share their own experiences when they ran into an ex. How did they manage to survive that awkward moment? Read on to find out.



Always expect the unexpected.

When we’re cruisin’ together.

So much can happen in one single day.

The most surprising things happen in the most unexpected places.

Some things are too strange to be coincidences.

The encounter and the indecent proposal.

Just turn a blind eye.

A little bit of company can distract the awkwardness of the moment.

Someone is caught lying.

We are all connected to each other.

Holding on to that precious thing you can’t let go.

Awkward yet memorable.

What’s past is past.

When you can’t help thinking what could have been.

Because souls can catch fire through eye contact.

Paths that cross will cross again.

The last thing we want to see is a reminder of a painful past.

Coincidence or fate?

This is embarrassing…

A moment can leave a scar.