16 Beautiful Piano Designs You Would Love To Play


Back in 2008, British artist Luke Jarram had an idea, get strangers to communicate and interact more in the public space by placing pianos around for anyone to play! Thus, the "Play Me, I'm Yours" project began. That year, Jarram placed 15 pianos in different parts of the city of Birmingham, UK and left them there for three weeks to see what would happen. It was a resounding success, so Jarram decided to expand his project. To date, roughly 1,000 beautifully painted pianos have been deposited in 37 cities worldwide, all emblazoned with the simple instruction "Play Me, I'm Yours." Check out these 16 beautiful outdoor pianos, most of which come from Jarram's project, but others of which were installed and decorated by local communities. 


This adorable butterfly-adorned piano was set up in Toronto.


How stunning is this black and white damask piano? 


Snapped in Kiev, Ukraine during the riots of 2014. One protestor made music right in front of the police line.


This piano was in Melbourne, so the blue sky motif is fitting!


Everything's coming up roses.


This rainbow piano graced the streets of Boston.


This adorable instrument brought music to the streets of Peru.


Check out the pelicans! Beautiful!


Really loving this owl piano.


A beautiful mountain range adorns this piano in Denver.


Words cannot express how awesome this iguana piano is.


A piano cute enough to live in, although probably not big enough!



Check out this colorful grand piano in Toronto.


Loving the ears on this fox piano!


A view of Denver then and now.


This striking cherry blossom piano is most excellent!

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