Mariusz Kedzierski Has No Arms But Still Creates Incredibly Realistic Portraits


Mariusz Kedzierski, a 23-year-old from Poland, was born without arms. Despite this, he creates the most amazing realistic art. The artist, who specializes in portrait work told 'BoredPanda' that he did not allow his disability to prevent him from leading a normal, full life. 'It doesn't mean that I have to forget my dreams', Kedzierski said art has been his 'way of life' for the past seven years. During that time he's produced more than 700 paintings, taking him a total of 15,000 hours. Kedzierski enjoys taking to the streets, demonstrating his skills to pedestrians. He does this as he likes to inspire people and wants everyone to know that "all limits are only in their heads". Take a look at his amazing work, below!
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