Dragons Made Adorable And Transported Into The Modern World


Dragons are usually associated with fairy tales and legends. But what if the mythical fire-breathing beasts were to be around today? What might they get up to in the modern world? Artist Lynton Levengood explores the answers to these questions in the below series of dragon illustrations. A dragon lover from way back, it should be pointed out that Levengood has an obvious knack for making his dragons super adorable and cute. Check it out!

Website: themoderndragon


I'm just a birdy, too!


Keep off the grass!


The junk yard dragon.


Making friends.


Gold rush.


Old enemies.


Dragon's den.



Sleeping dragon, modern treasures.


If it fits, I sits.


Wolf's clothing.


Fun with a hose pipe.


A gnome enigma.


Trial by fire.


Christmas dragon.

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