Parents Will Love These 17 Amazing Tips And Tricks For Their Children


As any parent will tell you, taking care of their bundles of joy is one of the most exhausting things a person can do. Thankfully we have found 17 of the most awesome child care hacks just to make your day that little bit easier. Check out these tips and find yourself worrying less and enjoying the time you spend with your little ones far more. 


Use a hot glue gun to write your child’s name on the soles of their slippers, this makes them slip-proof and personalized too!


Place a sheet on top of a playpen when it’s in use outdoors. This will protect your baby from mosquitoes and other flying nasty creatures.


A command hook stuck on the back of a highchair is a great way to keep your baby’s bibs in easy reach.


Don’t buy expensive bathing apparatus, instead bathe your baby in a laundry basket. They won’t fall under the water and their toys won’t float off either!     

“Monster Spray” is perfect for kids who are scared of the dark. Simply decorate an old spray bottle, fill it with water, and spray it around the bedroom before bedtime (especially under beds and in dark corners). Monsters hate this stuff.


Use a pool noodle to stop your child falling out of bed.    


Old baby food containers make excellent spice jars.       


This bathing buddy hand puppet will make bath time lots of fun. Instructions here  


A pacifier frozen in milk will help soothe a teething baby’s sore gums.


Frightened that your toddler will jam their fingers in the door? Use a pool noodle to prevent nasty injuries.  


This fun doggie Keep-It-Kleen Pacifier closes when it’s dropped, so no more germs getting in tiny mouths!

Find it here.


Tired carrying around loads of water bottles? This water bottle adapter offers the perfect solution.

Find it here.


How about a custom made temporary tattoo in case your child gets lost? 


Does your child get into a terrible mess when they eat regular popsicles? Make slow-melt JELL-O mix ones instead!  


Make mess free sidewalk chalk in deodorant containers. Instructions here.


Turn any faucet into a DIY water fountain with this handy device.   

Find it here.


Sick and tired of your kids making a mess or overusing toilet paper? This sign will fix that…hopefully!   

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