10 Items Of Clothing That Turned Out To Be Epic Fails

Online shopping is a lot of fun, and can be rather addictive. When we see something we like, it’s so easy to click “buy now” and end up with a ton of clothing fails. Too often when our purchases arrive and we finally get to try them on, they don’t look quite like they did when advertised. This is how dream outfits turn into disasters. Take a look at these 10 poor women whose clothes didn’t quite end up looking the way they should have!

Epic Clothing Disasters

We’ll start you off with something not too awful. At least you can tell these two items are pretty similar. Sure, it doesn’t look as great as the recipient hoped, but it’s far from a complete disaster.

black leather dress with lace detail expectations vs reality

Imagine hoping for something like the dress on the right, only to end up with the fail on the right! Not acceptable for a wedding!

wedding dress expectations vs reality

To be honest, we can’t see this dress looking good on hardly anyone! Therefore, we don’t feel too much sympathy for the purchaser here.

black dress with mesh panel expectation vs reality clothing fails

Always read the fine print! This person could have sussed that the material that was going to arrive was not going to be the same as what is advertised. How unfortunate…

black latex thigh high socks expectation vs reality

Well, there are some obvious differences. However, this definitely isn’t the worst on this list! Always beware when buying cheap Asian produce because the quality and sizing is not always what you would hope for. If what looks to be a stunning dress has a $2 price tag, have realistic expectations!

purple dress with belt expectations vs reality

If something looks like it costs a lot of money but you get it for a cheap price, it’s categorically not going to be the same. Your purchase might not be bad enough to make this list of clothing fails, however, we’re sure you’ve been disappointed on certain occasions!

prom dress expectations vs reality

We’re going to guess that this is a Kim Kardashian impersonation outfit. Sure, it’s not identical but we think it’s a pretty good effort! We definitely found it funny…

kim kardashian black outfit with pearls and wine bottle expectations vs reality

This one really takes the cake. They aren’t even the same color?! This is one of those times when the results are so bad all you can do is try to see the funny side of the situation.

white lace dress expectations vs green fail dress

A few alterations and this wouldn’t be completely horrible, however, you can tell the materials are not the same!

blue gown expectations vs reality

We don’t think even a good iron could save this ‘dress’! The fabric looks cheap and low quality sadly. Maybe a nice necklace and a jacket could save this look…

pink shirt dress expectations vs reality

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