Epic Fail Dating Stories That Will Leave You Cringing

Social media can really play a significant role as an outlet to express our emotions. From being happy, sad, in love or dismayed, it has already been considerably easier for us to convey what we feel. It has become a platform for everyone to connect to the virtual world in every aspect. That being said, here are some epic fail dating stories that were posted on Twitter, which are sure to leave you cringing. Take a look! 

Goodness gracious! We don’t know what’s more embarrassing, the fact that he got caught while trying to escape or trying for a whole hour! 

Now this is a situation you’ll never want to be in.

Anyone up for fries after reading this? 

Ah, what a sweet grand daughter you have there, granny!

After that cryptic response, this woman probably needs to start enrolling in a self defense class. Creepy!  

Dad sure knows how to welcome his unexpected guest. Sleep walking or not, this is one unforgettable date they will all remember.

Is this the new way of putting someone in the #friendzone ? A moment of silence for this awkward situation.  

Now this girl that the guy is referring to is clearly thinking in advance of what could happened next. And yes, we’re also wondering what had happened after.

When your job and personal interest can be merged as one. Well at least he was still being thoughtful of his date. Still a sweet gesture, I guess?

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Now this is a proof that no matter how bad a girl’s cooking skill is, it can never affect the love that you feel. Sweet!   

That’ll teach you a lesson to double check the recipient of the messages you’re sending next time.

Faster than a speeding bullet, perhaps?

But words can also be tricky. This is just an example of not being too trusting during your first date.

Ooops! Joke’s on him.

I bet the girl was really surprised! 

Oops! that’s awkward..

 Thank God for that really kind waiter.. or else, a mountain of dirty dishes awaits!

Her room mate, maybe?

Now, that sure was a bad date! 

Maybe, he works at FBI?         

And that’s absolutely a horrible date ever!