Iconic Movie Scenes And Posters Recreated With Balloons


If you've got a talent, you should certainly use it. But, what if your talent is making balloon animals, balloon people, and other assorted balloon things? Why, we suppose your best option is to become a balloon artist. That's exactly what Rob Driscoll decided to do with his life, and from the looks of it, he's doing very well. One of his recent projects is called "Twisted Cinema" and what Driscoll does is use his balloon manipulating skills to recreate either famous movie posters or iconic scenes from movies, such as that scene from Mission Impossible (you know the one…Tom Cruise comes down from the ceiling on a bit of string, or whatever). Driscoll's colorful balloons-meet-movies art is a delight to behold, in a whimsical yet surprisingly accurate way. He is in the process of completing one of these twisted cinema pieces each week for a whole year, so you can catch up on his website if you like what you see below. 

Website: My Daily Balloon







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