Incredible Welding Art Created By Richard Lauth


When you think about welding, you generally think about something more functional than artistic, but for 23-year-old Chicago resident, Richard "Dick" Lauth, it's a bit of both. You see, Dick is a professional welder and operating engineer, and is part of his local 150 (that's a trade union, for those not down with the lingo), but he also likes to turn his hand to the more artistic side of welding. Or, as he puts it on his Instagram page, he loves "making cool s*** out of metal." And, Dick's creations sure are cool, that's a definite! We don't know anything about welding, really, but we had no idea that you could make the kind of pieces that Dick creates. If you like his work, you can even buy some of the pieces below, and other works, including small sculptures, via his Etsy page below. We're pretty sure this is the first time we've ever been excited by welding. Oh, except for all the sparks, that's pretty good. Anyway, check out Dick's work!

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