12 Things You’ll Understand If You’re Part Of A Close Mother-Daughter Duo


Sadly not all moms and daughters have a good relationship, but if you're a daughter whose close to her mom or a mom whose close to her daughter, then you'll know how awesome this kind of relationship can be. There are some things that you simply won't understand unless you're part of a close mother-daughter duo, such as these twelve we have for you below. Check it out!


No matter what the argument, you will always be on each other's side.

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You spill every secret you ever hear to each other, and trust that they will go no further.

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You can spend hours reminiscing together.

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You only have to look at one another to know what you're both thinking.

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You hold grudges on each other's behalf forever.

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You like to get together and gossip about the rest of your weird family.

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And you can always count on the other when you want a night in vegging with pizza.

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You know you would have been friends if you were both the same age, and not mother and daughter, obvs.

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You must know every minute detail of each other's lives.

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You're always quick to stick up for one another.

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You basically have a running commentary on WhatsApp about everything that happens throughout the day.

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You will always be there for each other and know how to cheer each other up!

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