14 Hilarious And Relatable ‘Friend Zone’ Themed Images


The 'friend zone' is often seemingly inescapable territory. You put your time and effort into building a relationship with someone hoping for something romantic only to be told you're loved like a brother or sister. You become a shoulder to cry on for your love interest's failed conquests knowing that you could be the answer to their problems, but sadly, they don't view you in that light. Being stuck in the friend zone really can feel like a dagger to the heart, but as with anything in life, adding humor can lessen the pain. Take a look below at some light hearted images related to the dilemma that is the friend zone!


All Day


Aww Thanks


Brother To Her




Deeper Layers


Friendzone Level 99



High Five


Kill Me


Like A Brother


One More Time


Population You


Slip Like




Walked Right In