11 Simple Yet Effective Tips To Make The Most Of Your Food


Let's face it, no one can afford to waste food. Fresh berries go moldy so quickly, not to mention potatoes which sprout within days of purchase. Thankfully, we have 11 incredible money friendly tips which will address these issues as well as helping you save money in general by making the best use of the food you already have. With a little creativity and inventive thinking, you can make the ingredients in your kitchen last far longer and go further than you might have ever imagined!


Add milk to the last bit of chocolate spread in the jar to make an amazingly yummy drink!


Use olive oil, herbs and spices added to the last bit of mayo in the jar to create a gorgeous tasting salad dressing!


Make banana bread with over ripe bananas no one wants to eat anymore. You can even freeze them as they become over ripe and use them when you have collected enough.


Store natural peanut butter upside down so the oil will rise to the bottom of the jar and the butter won't stick when you get to the end of it!


Rinse berries in vinegar to ensure they don't go moldy.


Don't store potatoes and onions together as this will make the potatoes sprout quickly.


Hanging onions in clean pantyhose keeps them fresh for up to eight months!


Wrapping banana stalks in plastic helps keep them fresher for longer.



Freeze chopped fresh herbs in olive oil and throw into your recipes as needed.


Make croutons from stale bread rather than throwing it in the trash.


Coat measuring cups with oil before measuring sticky substances like honey.

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