24 Photos You Will Relate To From Your School Days


At the time, primary school was the place where your parents sent you off to and made you miss Play Days and Sesame Street. But when you look back on it, you realize it was actually a very fun part of your life. These photos will certainly bring back a lot of awesome memories. Who remembers playing the yes/no game with your rubber? Or applying PVA glue to your hands to then peel it all off (like skin) once it had dried?! These were the simpler times, when you didn't have to do your own laundry or make your own lunches. So embrace nostalgia and have a look at these awesome blasts from the past.


This impossible water game probably still haunts your nightmares.


These were the only trainers to be seen in.


Someone always came back from playtime covered in sticky weed.


If you went somewhere that served these, you weren't giving up until your parents bought you one.


School discos were fun, but nobody ever danced.


Well, until the "Macarena" came on, of course.


All of your most important decisions were made by your rubber.


You rubbed the back of every 50p piece. Just in case.


When there was PVA glue around, this was happening.


You never really knew what pogs were for, but you knew you wanted them.


You'd spend all your pocket money on these and be stuck in a perpetual sugar rush for days.


Choosing a new pencil case was the best thing about going back to school after the summer.


This happened way too often.


When your teacher brought the overhead projector out, things were getting serious.


This was how your shirt looked on the last day of year 6. And you possibly still have it.


Almost every PE lesson involved gym apparatus.


And these mats, which actually wouldn't protect you from a fall.



But, when you were allowed to use these mats, they were awesome.


It was exciting to get new school footballs, but after a week they looked like this.



Or, even worse, you were given one of these poor excuses for a football.


This was the source of all your wisdom.


This is still one of the scariest faces you know.


When you tried to put the straw in your Capri Sun and this happened.

Ah, to be young again. *sigh*

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