13 Accurate Memes About Being Tired That We Can All Relate To

For both the younger generation and the older, nothing sums up the feeling of being exhausted more than a tired meme. Whether it be loads of assignments for students or early starts and endless hours for those who work, tiredness can be overwhelming. But there’s a rule of thumb for life that if you make light of a situation and find the humor in it, it doesn’t seem so bad. So, take a look below at some hilariously accurate memes about being tired and know that you’re not alone!

Best Memes For Tiredness

It’s no secret that kids can leave you feeling totally drained. So, when those precious moments come where the little ‘angels’ take a nap, you finally have a moment to curl up in a ball and just embrace the silence.

dog lying face down on wood with text saying both kids finally napping and im like

Anyone who naps knows there is a code. When a person is sleeping, it’s an unwritten rule that you do not disturb them unless it’s a matter of extreme emergency. This tired meme really captures how strongly we feel about nap time. It’s no joking matter!

liam neeson on the phone with text disturb me during my nap find you kill you tired meme

Don’t you just hate it when your body and mind let you down? There you are, feeling totally exhausted. All you want is to take a visit to the land of nod. But no. Your brain has other ideas.

im so tired seal meme

Some people know that if they sleep during the day, it’s highly likely that they will struggle to sleep at night. However, there are those who are willing to take that risk. Sometimes, ‘here and now’ is more important than the consequences faced later.

austin powers with text nap in the middle of the day live dangerously

For many people, coffee feels like the elixir of life. It can change your mood and energy levels instantly. However, sometimes on certain occasions, it lets you down. The misery you feel when you know that special drink hasn’t changed anything is painful.

jean luc picard meme i drank coffee and im still tired

Generally, we appreciate naps on all levels. However, there are definitely the ones that you enjoy more than others. A sure sign of an excellent nap is these marks on your body. They represent a truly good rest.

photos of arms with marks from napping

Too many people fail to recognize when they are dealing with a tired person. Exhausted people do not want to be dealing with or hearing about any of your problems!

leave me alone im tired cat meme

We all know that person who is on the brink of collapse but still says they’re not tired. We don’t really understand this. Why is it seen as a weakness to need rest? We aren’t machines after all!

squidward with red eyes i am not tired meme

Many of us have put up a brave battle against tiredness. However, when you feel the need for a nap coming on, sometimes it’s simply impossible to fight it. Let’s take a moment to think of all the fallen people who ended up sleeping when they should have been doing a whole list of other things…

cat lying down sleeping with text the nap attacked and won

Floors, chairs and stairs are just a few of the odd places we can find ourselves taking a time out. Tiredness does not discriminate!

cat sleeping on face with text i will nap here

Sometimes we know what’s bad for us but go ahead and do them anyway. The internet is a great example of this. It’s far too easy to find yourself reading ‘one quick article’ before bed, only to end up watching three hours worth of funny animal videos on YouTube.

crying cartoon meme with text internet please let me sleep

In our opinion, it’s highly important to be able to recognize when your body needs rest. How can you expect to lead your best life if you aren’t taking care of the vessel that carries you around each day?

yoda meme with text tired i am sleep i must

We hate to say it but there really is such a thing as too much sleep. Napping all day can be super counter productive when it comes to making you feel re-energized.

cat with blue eyes looking into distance with text i spent all day sleeping

There are many different kinds of tired people. We believe that this cat is the kind of exhausted where you feel really upset and low about how tired you are. We hope that this kitty got a good rest!

sleeping cat with text im just so tired

The battle we all hate. It makes no sense! You’re caught between the horrible limbo of being awake and falling asleep! This experience isn’t fun at all.

seal meme with text too tired to stay awake too awake to fall asleep

These tired memes sum us up so perfectly. We absolutely love food. However, sleep has to come first. Waking up to an array of treats would be wonderful though!

dog asleep with treats surrounding its body with text too tired for noms

This is the moment many of us dream about throughout the day… getting home. There’s something so comforting about going to your special, safe place and just resting. The burdens of life momentarily drift away as you succumb to a peaceful slumber.

dog resting on chair with legs between arms with text when i get home