This Adorable Couple Who Have Been Married For 37 Years Always Wear Matching Outfits

Some of you reading this may have dabbled in dressing your kids in matching outfits. This is fairly common, but what is slightly more unusual and unheard of is couples wearing matching outfits on an everyday basis! Here we present an adorable couple from Japan who have been married for 37 years. The stylish duo already have over 100k followers on Instagram and it’s easy to see why. Take a look below at some of their cool outfits and let them brighten up your day!
Website: Instagram

This couple just gets cuter and cuter. They go by the name ‘bonpon511’ on Instagram which is a combination of the date of their wedding anniversary and their names. We love that their outfit choices aren’t in your face and over the top. By only matching 1 or 2 items at a time, the couple looks super trendy. It is admirable that this couple aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd and share their love with the world. We can’t wait to see what other ensembles they bring out! Keep going to see more matching outfits!