19 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logic


If you are a cat lover then you will know that they have their own eccentric ways of looking at and interacting with the world around them. Of course lack of verbal communication with our feline friends is one aspect of why they can be so difficult to understand. Another factor is that cats are just cats and if you have a feline living in your household you will be sure to recognize most if not all of the instances below!

How people with a cat eat.


Cats can be so annoying.


You can only sleep when your cat allows you to sleep.   


Why do they run around going insane while everyone is asleep? 


You know that stare? The one that really freaks you out?


When they want to go outside…


Is this a food?  


Why do they do that when they have the whole house to hang out in?  


They sit in the strangest of places!  


Expensive cat gyms and sleep stations are a total waste of money! They still just sit and sleep everywhere and anywhere apart from where they’re meant to!    


You WILL pet me!  


They can be a bit Jekyll and Hyde.


They don’t have much in common with dogs.


They don’t recognize that night time is sleeping time for their humans.


They love giving gifts to their humans.


Fear. What fear?   


They don’t have any concept of you needing to go someplace.


They are I.T. crazy.


The weirdest things freak them out.   

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