New Green Giant Cauliflower Breadsticks Are A Delicious Alternative

If you are looking for a healthier snack then you need to see the new Green Giant Cauliflower Breadsticks which are delicious and healthy. In fact, we think we’ve just found our newest favorite snack. Health is wealth, this is why dieticians and nutritionists are always advocating healthier food for a healthier diet. But since we can’t live without bread, rice, pasta and other high-carb foods, living a healthy lifestyle remains just a wishful thinking. Or that’s what we thought.

Food companies are coming up with veggie-based alternatives to high-carb foods. Ever since the cauliflower rice began to make waves, companies have been considering replacing high-carb grains with this white vegetable. There’s the cauliflower linguini which is a gluten-free alternative to durum wheat pasta. There’s also the cauliflower pizza crust which makes a healthier alternative to hard wheat flour dough. And the low-carb, gluten-free alternatives keep on coming. Now, Green Giant has new breadsticks to make our snacktime a lot healthier.


Green Giant Cauliflower Breadsticks

green giant cauliflower breadsticks

The breadsticks feature a fresh baked taste with cauliflower as the first ingredient. It is available in Original and Garlic flavors with no artificial colors, flavors,or preservatives. You can enjoy these veggie breadsticks on their own or sprinkle them with grated Parmesan cheese. They also go well with bruschetta so you can add more veggie health benefits in your snacking.

green giant cauliflower breadsticks original


green giant cauliflower breadsticks garlic

Each 8.2-oz bag of Green Giant breadsticks contains six pieces. So you might need to grab more of these to share with your family and friends. You can find these goodies in different stores including Albertsons and Stop & Shop. You can also visit Green Giant website to help you locate the nearest stores where you can get them. With these veggie-based alternatives, healthy has never tasted this good.

bread sticks with parmesan cheese


bread sticks with bruschetta

Source: Green Giant | Original | Garlic