You Won’t Believe How Quickly And Cheaply This 3D-Printed House Was Built

If you choose to build your own home rather than buying an existing one, you would expect to be waiting at least a few months for it to be complete, if not much longer. But, now thanks to the advancement of technology, you could have a brand new and affordable home built for you in just 24 hours! San Francisco based company ‘Apis Cor’ created a 400 square foot home in Russia using concrete mixture and a 3D printer in just one day. Take a look below to see what it looked like and to find out more information!
Website: ApisCor

You may be thinking that the best thing about this home is how quickly it can be built, but wait until you read how much the house costs to create…

3d printed house

…just over $10,000! 

3d-printed-house-apis-cor mid print

Despite taking only 1 day to build, the house is estimated to last for 175 years.

3d-printed-house-apis-cor printer

Although a little on the small side, this home is perfectly liveable. 

3d-printed-house-apis-cor being painted

This home opens up so many doors for those who need affordable housing. 

3d-printed-house-apis-cor aerial view

These would be great investments for students, the homeless and refugees. 

3d-printed-house-apis-cor-outdoor shot

Now that you’ve seen the construction and interior, let’s take a look inside!

3d-printed-house-apis-cor side view

Modern and more spacious than you expect, we think these homes are brilliant. 

3d-printed-house-apis-cor inside the home

There’s even doors that lead off to separate areas!

3d-printed-house-apis-cor wash room

We can’t wait to see the progress that comes with these new builds. 

3d-printed-house-apis-cor living spac