11 Awesome Makeup Tips You Wish You Knew

Makeup can be a lot of fun to experiment with and to apply, however, applying a full makeup look can be pretty challenging when you are in a hurry. Below we have put together 11 awesome tips which are both time saving and simple to do once you know how.

Use a spoon to prevent black smudges on your face while applying mascara.


Have you been applying your blusher to make the most of your face shape?


Turn a regular eye pencil into a gel liner by heating it with a lighter.


Add some eye drops to dried out mascara to give it a new lease of life!


Using white liner in the rims of your eyes will make them open up dramatically. Nude liner on the inner rims will make you look awake and healthy. Black eyeliner used in the same way will make eyes look dramatic.


Heat eye lash curlers with a hairdryer to get a longer lasting curl.


Sweep powder over your eyeliner to set it.



Don’t let spots and blemishes ruin your day!


Who knew a spoon could help you master the art of eyeliner application?!


Tired of your lip color slipping off during the day? Place a tissue over your mouth and dust over a little translucent powder for real staying power.


So now you know, you have no excuse to hang on to those old items in your make up collection.