16 Alternative Uses For Wooden Clothing Pegs You’ll Wish You’d Thought Of


What do you do with wooden clothing pegs? Hang clothes up to dry, quite obviously! But, did you know there are actually plenty of other uses for wooden pegs? Everything from easy storage solutions, to building hacks. The good old Internet provides a wealth of creative ways in which to make use of this common household item. We've gathered 16 of the best, below! Check them out!


Never bash your fingers with a hammer again! Brilliant!


Make a unique phone stand.


Organize your sewing gear!


Glue a peg to the wall or inside a cupboard on which you can easily pin your washing up gloves!


Peg down the ends of your jeans to get the crinkles out.



Get real creative and make this cool pot plant holder!


Hang photographs.


Make the most out of your tube of toothpaste.


Prevent your rubbish bag from slipping inside the bin and making a yucky mess!


Hang your pants like this to avoid creasing!



Keep your toothbrush clean like this…


Keep your wooden spoon from falling into the pot!


Ensure your earphones remain neat and untangled.



De-box your cereals and keep them fresh using a peg, it could save space in your pantry!


Avoid burning your hands when using a match to light a candle!


Make a cool scarf rack like this one…

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