An Artist Shows What Disney Characters Look Like Without Their Beards

There are many Disney characters known for sporting beards, such as Zeus or Merlin, but have you ever thought about what they’d look like without them? Imgur user ‘annieawesomesauce’ clearly did, and her curiosity led her to the point where she actually used image editing software to remove the beards from famous Disney dudes and redraw their bare chins. Some of the results are actually a little bit disturbing!

Zeus from Hercules looks kind of creepy without a beard. Although, he also looked kind of creepy with one.

Proud King Triton just looks sad and tired sans beard.

The Emperor from Mulan doesn’t look half as wise, but he does look pretty badass.

The Sultan from Aladdin looks ridiculously young without a beard. Are we sure he’s not just a kid playing dress up?

Technically a mane, not a beard, but still… here’s Scar from The Lion King.

Now we know why Merlin grew a beard; nobody would have trusted him to do magic without one!

King Kashekim Nedakh from Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

Having taken beards off Disney men, ‘annieawesomesauce’ decided to add a few on to those Disney characters who are bare of chin.

First up, Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty. He might be a little too effete to rock a beard. Maybe give it a few years, Phil.

Sickening Gaston from Beauty and the Beast actually looks quite alright with a beard.

We’re not so convinced about Aladdin, though! 

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