Ingenious Ideas For Where To Store Things In Your Home

Running a home is not always easy, particularly if you live with a partner, family members or room mates. Sometimes you’ll clean and clean, organize and organize, only for things to still seem cluttered and messy. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of simple and inexpensive ways to reduce these annoyances. Knowing how to utilize the space you have to work with is the best place to start.

Here we have some brilliant ideas for where to store things that will hopefully help you out!

Activity Mat 2 In 1

This awesome activity mat is great for keeping your kids toys organized as it doubles up as a bag! 

Extra Shelves

The best way to utilize your shelf space is to add extra shelves! This is super easy to do and as the image below demonstrates, you get way more storage space. 

Toilet Organizer

You might think a metal organizer would look a little tacky, but as you can see it looks great! This is something we’re definitely considering purchasing ourselves. 

Egg Cartons

Adding egg cartons to drawers are great for creating mini sections for items such as jewelry! 

Fold Away Ironing Board

We love this idea. No more lugging out the ironing board whenever you need it. Simply unfold, do your business, and fold back! Awesome! 

Fold Out Shelves

Increase your available work space by installing fold out shelves. This is a great option for people with small kitchens! 

Photo Frame Earring Holder

Using any photo frame and some wire, you could create a chic earring holder. We love the example pictured below! 

Fruit Plate/Bowl

Fruit plates actually work great for other items. We would recommend having one in your bathroom or bedroom, then you can have all your essentials neatly available in one place and stylishly presented! 

Hangers And Shower Hooks

Placing shower hooks on a hanger offers you a great and simple way to store and organize things like scarves, belts, sunglasses and more!

Narrow Shelves

Every space can be utilized with a little planning! Look how great this narrow shelf looks, and how much stuff it can hold. 

Lid Storage

You may not notice it, but lids take up a lot of room! Storing them on the inside of cupboard doors gives you more space to stack things on your actual shelves. 

Sliding Cupboards

Once again, this idea demonstrates utilizing all of your available space. You might lean towards ignoring a narrow area but just look how much you can fit inside it! 

Spice Shelves

Spice shelves don’t just belong in the kitchen! They are the perfect size for holding toiletries, make up and more! 

Toilet Rolls

Make use of finished toilet rolls by using them to organize your cables! Write what each cable is for on the roll and you’ll never get confused again. 

Under Bed Storage

If you’re moving house and need to buy a bed, or are simply thinking of upgrading your existing one, we recommend purchasing one with storage space on the underneath. It’s like having a second wardrobe!