Ben Uyeda Used Old Screwdrivers To Make An Awesome Multicolored DIY Coat Rack


Do you ever look at your home and think to yourself about all the changes you'd love to make? But you either can't afford too, or believe you lack the necessary skills to do the work yourself? Well think again! Because here we have another fantastically simple DIY project that leaves you with an awesome yet useful end product. Ben Uyeda over at Homemade Modern decided that tools should be easily accessible, so he came up with this great idea for a multicolored coat rack with easy to grab tools! The screwdrivers are not glued in, which will definitely come in handy considering the amount of times in our lives a screwdriver is needed! This will no doubt be a topic of conversation when people see the new addition to your home, take a look below to see how it was done.
Website: HomemadeModern


To start, you will need a bunch of old screwdrivers. If you don't have any spare, they can be found for cheap at most thrift stores, or even ask friends and family!



Then you will need to find a paint that wont flake off and sticks to plastic. The one recommended is Perfomix Plasti Dip. 



And finally, you will need some wood for the base of the coat rack. Ben used an oak table leg.



Now you're ready to get to work! Begin by dipping your screwdriver handles into white paint. Once dried, dip half of the screwdriver handle again, but into a color of your choice.

Dip Paint
Homemade Modern



Once complete, draw a straight line with a pencil onto your wood. Place your screwdrivers above the wood and mark their entry holes.

Straight Line
Homemade Modern


Take a power drill for the holes and drill straight through the wood. Then use 200-grit sandpaper to remove the traces of pencil mark. The base is now ready for you to add your screwdrivers!

Drill Holes
Homemade Modern


Drill two L brackets on your wall and get ready to mount the finished product!

Homemade Modern


Voila! There you have it, an extremely unique, trendy and useful coat rack.

Finished Coat Rack
Homemade Modern