21 Photogenic People Who Will Make You Feel Insecure

It’s important to know your good angle in order to look great in photos. However, there are people who are blessed with no bad angle at all. Check out this collection of photogenic people who look stunning no matter the time, place or situation.

Warning: Photos may trigger insecurities. Scroll down at your own risk!

When the fan looks better than the celebrity:

This homeless guy looks better than some models. Work that smize!

She acts like nothing happened even after getting shot. Way to, girl!

Is this baby for real?

I love you, Ryan Hartman!

Moments before disaster strikes.

The most beautiful wakeboarder ever.

Mr. Photogenic.

She’s clearly winning in life.

How to look so good on a water slide?

These Photogenic People Sure Know How to Work The Camera!

Hey handsome!

He’s too busy looking handsome.

This baby was born to be photogenic!

Happy lady on fire.

Daniel Lohill: The Most Handsome Criminal to Date.

My family is not photogenic, except for my mom, obviously.

Everybody’s so happy.

All eyes on that killer smile.

Jumping without looking while looking great? She must be very good!


Grace under pressure.