28 Hilarious Celebrity Recreations Using Everyday Items

You’ve probably come across your fair share of people impersonating celebrities. Some do it in a serious manner, whilst others do it for the humorous results. If you’re someone who appreciates the latter of those categories, you’re going to love what we’ve got coming up! Former cast member of the hit TV show ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’, Tom Lenk, has a real talent for using everyday items to recreate celebrity images. He can transform into both male and female characters, the young and the old. Here we have some of his best work. Take a look!
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Lena Dunham

Kristen Stewart


Katy Perry

Julianne Moore


Olsen Sisters

Solange Knowles

Zayn Malik

Zoeey Deschanel

Jon Snow 

Anna Wintour

Britney Spears

Sandy And Danny from ‘Grease’

 We’re sure that what you’ve seen so far has been amusing. But don’t stop there, we’ve got even more hilarious transformations for you to see! Including people such as Mariah Carey, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihanna and more! We hope that the celebrities included in this post will one day be able to see Tom’s impressions and that they find them as humorous as we do. Despite the money and fame celebs possess, it can’t be easy constantly being in the public eye, so, it’s nice to see certain people choose to show them in a fairly positive light! 

Kristen Stewart

The 2 Queens From ‘Huntsman: Winter’s War’

Me Before You

Michelle Williams

Britney Spears

Caitriona Balfe

Mother’s Day

Tilda Swinton

Sarah Jessica Parker


Olsen Twins

Jessica Alba

Jessica Chastain

Mariah Carey

Julianne Moore, Susan Sarandon and Naomi Watts