13 Drunken Fails You Just Won’t Believe


Anyone who has ever been drunk knows that you sometimes get that superhuman feeling. You know when you have the most insane idea ever and you decide to act it out? Yeah that! Some drunken ideas can be awesome, however, more often than not, they just fail. Take a look at these 13 instances of drunk fails and be glad that you’re not one of these poor misguided people. Don’t forget to let us know in the comments what crazy ideas you’ve had when you’re drunk!


What kind of snack is this?




Is a pizza pillow really a good idea?


The other passengers subdued this drunk guy on a plane.


This guy couldn’t be bothered looking for his key!


He must have been really hungry.


Note to self, don’t drunk-shop online.






This guy must have been starved.


Pizza and garlic bread, the food of champions!


Mmm, grilled cheeses!

That must have hurt!

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