Japanese Woman Creates A Pair Of Pigeon Shoes To “Blend” In

Talented shoemaker Kyoto Ohata is a Japanese woman who has gained some attention for her interesting and unique, handmade creation… pigeon shoes!
Of course, since these shoes won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but they certainly have some admirers! Take a look below to see what the shoes look like and furthermore. how they were assembled!

First of all, many people find joy in feeding pigeons. Seeing them all flock together and getting a good meal can be rewarding, as long as you aren’t pooped on, that is!

Having said that, you could certainly mistake those shoes for real pigeons!

pigeon shoes japanese woman

They more of less blend right in. We wonder if the other pigeons are perhaps confused?

pigeon shoes side view

The colors and detailing are spot on! 

pigeon shoes not being worn

We can see why these shoes have amassed so much attention. The results are certainly unique!

pigeon shoes front shot

If the pigeons seem calmer around this kind of footwear, then pigeon feeders may want to get their hands on a pair of these shoes.

pigeon shoes back view

Most of all we just want to know if they are fooled. We need a video of the real pigeon’s reactions to the shoes! 

japanese woman pigeon shoes

Some people might feel that it is a little wrong to pretend to be wearing an animal on your feet but it’s important to remember no harm comes to the animals in the making of the shoes. Personally, if they don’t bother or upset the pigeons in any way, we say rock whatever shoes you please!

Creating the Pigeon Shoes

 If you’re a fan of Kyoto Ohata’s pigeon shoes, take a look below to see the step by step process of them being assembled. If you’re a dab hand at crafting, this could be your next project! 

First of all, cut out two identical forms that will make up the bodies of the pigeons. Next, tightly insert blank felts so that the surface is completely covered.

pigeon shoes being made

Insert green and purple felt around the neck and breast to resemble the most common pigeon colors.

pigeon shoes how to

Using a pair of shoes of your choosing. Glue your body piece to the back part of the shoe like it is shown in the image below.

pigeon being attached to shoe

Uinge a single piece of dense felt you’ll want to then cut it into the shape of a wing. 

pigeon wings being attached

Also cut out numerous circle pieces of black and grey felt. These will build up to be the feathers!

details being added to pigeon shoes

Use PVA glue and apply the wings to your shoes. Create 8 little felt balls which will be used 4 for eyes and 4 for nostrils. Next, make narrow strips like in the image below that will be the tails of the birds and attach. 

tail of pigeon shoes

Twist some wire into the shapes of pigeon feet. 

wire for feet pigeon shoes

Finally, use the wire as your base and cover it in red felt!

pigeon feet for shoes

There you have it! If you’re skilled with felt then this project should be a walk in the park…

pair of pigeon shoes

…though, resulting in a perfect pair like Kyoto Ohata might take some time! 

pigeon shoes complete

Source: Twitter/afishadaily