18 Of The Most Intriguing Photos That Will Make Your Jaw Drop


The Internet is an amazing place. Through the simple click of a mouse we can see places and things we only imagined. We can travel to all corners of the globe and can even go back in time. These 18 fascinating photos are some awesome stand out moments. See Michael Jackson wearing a fake beard to go out on a date! And what it looks like when two bullets collide in flight. There are all sorts of intriguing pictures here which will be sure to fascinate. A must see!


Everyone loves a pretty sunset. This one is particularly beautiful.

Check out a 1970s-era Michael Jackson in disguise so he and Tatum O’Neal could go out on a date!

Ouch! Look at this boxers hand after delivering a KO punch. We wonder what the other guy looked like!

The atrium of the Hyatt Shanghai Hotel looks awesome!

Take a look at the Triple H diet!

This aquarium in Okinawa, Japan is mesmerizing.

Swamps in Louisiana look spooky!

It looks like the lair of Dr Evil but it is in fact the FIFA meeting room.

This photo speaks for itself!

This Roman soldier died with his sword by his side due to the surge cloud when Mount Vesuvius erupted.

Heaven in a photo… pizza topped with more pizza!

The back of a Ferrari FXXK.

Take a look at this amazing 1942 Harley-Davidson Flathead U74 and this rare side-car from 1956.

This view from one of the pyramids at Giza is phenomenal.

Check out these stunt doubles from GOT.

This photo of stars is breathtaking.



This is what a storm on the North Pole of Saturn looks like!

And finally…two bullets which collided mid-air at Gallipoli during World War One.

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