16 Devastating Ways People Eat Their Food


No two people have the same tastes and that’s usually a good thing…until you read this blog that is. Take a look at these 16 very bizarre ways of eating food and they will stick in your head forever, they’re just wrong. Who on earth could deal with biting a big chunk out of a KitKat? Those fingers are fingers for a reason! How about ketchup with pasta, wouldn’t that just be kinda sickly sweet and wrong? Take a look and then be sure to let us know in the comments what your favorite food weirdness is!

Many people adore eating fish eyes, especially in soup.

Do you salt your fruit before eating it?

How about eating a popsicle from the bottom up?

Some people actually put ketchup on pasta!

Getting the boring part over first kinda makes sense!

Who wants a peanut butter and pickle sandwich? Mmm!

How about peanut butter with cheese and onion?

This is just totally wrong.

We’ve heard everything now, Weetbix with sweet chili sauce!

Ever tried ice cubes in your cereal?

Cheez Whiz and strawberry jam!

Apparently eating plain cream cheese by itself is a thing!

Milk steak with raw jelly beans sounds nightmarish!

Wait a second…there’s meat left on those chicken wings!

There are actually people who eat popcorn with chopsticks.

Nooo! You can’t eat string cheese like this. There should be some law against it!

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