This Couple Wanted To Live Mortgage-Free So They Built Their Very Own Tiny House


The Morrisons are just a regular couple who decided to do something brave: They completely downsized and now live in a tiny home that cost them just $22,000 to build. Now, rather being stuck with a hefty mortgage, they have a fully paid off home and don't have to worry about debt and pricey monthly bills. Although their home covers just 207 square foot, all the space is used to the fullest, so there's room for all of life's essentials. Do you think you would love to live in a tiny home like this, or do you value your space too much? Let's check out the Morrisons' home and see what all the fuss is about!


Here's the house from the outside. Cute right? 


Although small, the space has everything that you need to live comfortably.


There's a ladder up to this raised living area, complete with a TV.


The compact kitchen still has plenty of cupboard and counter space.


This fuel-burning stove provides enough heat to warm the whole of this tiny house.


The desk doubles up as a dining table, plus there's an adorable reading nook.



The home has lots of in-built storage. These are the stairs leading to the bedroom, but the under-stair space also doubles as a closet.


The mezzanine bedroom fits a queen-sized bed and a sizeable dresser.


The bathroom has a shower and a chemical toilet.


And, because their tiny house is on wheels, the Morrisons can pick up and move whenever they feel like it, with minimal disruption to their lives.

So is this an ideal lifestyle or a cramped nightmare? Let us know what you think!


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