11 Awesome And Interesting Images Of Our Incredible World


What an incredible world we live in. From the majesty of the many mountain ranges to the oceans filled with life, we are so lucky to be able to experience little miracles every day. These 11 photos are certainly not sights that are seen often. Some might seem a little strange whereas others are mindblowingly cool, all are reasons why our world is totally amazing. Take a look!


A dandelion clock encased in resin.


Humpback whales eating herring.


Trees sprouting out from old, abandoned chimneys.


This awesome-looking Belgian church.


This is what happens when you pour molten aluminum into some water with balls in it!


This frozen wet sand looks like it has needles in it.


Time to catch up with the news in India!


This bee and spider fought to the death!


This is what a half-shorn sheep looks like.


Smog in Beijing.


A frosted-up shadow of a house.

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