12 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re A Nanny


Looking after your own kids is tough enough, but they’re your own flesh and blood and you kind of like them and all. Now, imagine having to do the same thing for someone else’s brats day in and day out… well, if you work as a nanny, you won’t have to imagine! Of course, there are some awesome things about being a nanny, especially if you look after a great kid. However, it’s never going to be the same as parenting children of your own, and the long hours and low pay hardly do much to sweeten the deal. These nannies have shared some of the things that they dislike about what they do and we’re sure other childcare professionals will relate! Check out these twelve things you’ll only understand if you’re a nanny.


Nobody needs physical violence to be part of their working day… even if the perpetrator is only 6.


And nobody needs poop to be a part of their working day.


It might be necessary, but it’s still kind of sad.


Sometimes you need to get revenge.


It must be hard to feel you’re not wanted.


Classic kid move.


If the kid you nanny is a nightmare, your job becomes a nightmare, too.


Sounds about right…


Even kids need a bit of downtime, but their parents might not agree.


Not a great way to start the day!


Well, that’s bound to make you feel unappreciated.


This must be so frustrating.

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