This Inflatable Skeleton Flamingo Is The Perfect Halloween Yard Decoration

Beautiful, majestic, and pink – flamingos are the epitome of beauty and joy. This explains why people are putting pink flamingo lawn ornaments on their yards to lend their vibrant flair to the outdoor space. Then Halloween comes, and of course, this is not the time for anything charming and vibrant. So, you can replace those pink beauties on your lawn for the meantime. And place this inflatable skeleton flamingo to go with the spooky season.

This inflatable skeleton flamingo looks nothing like the elegant and lively pink flamingo lawn ornaments that we know. It features an airblown large bird in its skeletal form, slumping to the ground with an angry face. Unlike its pink-colored counterpart, this gloomy bird looks so done with life and many of us can really relate to it.


Inflatable Skeleton Flamingo

inflatable skeleton flamingo

This creepy yet funny-looking inflatable skeleton flamingo would make the perfect Halloween outdoor décor that is guaranteed to impress your guests. Setting up is very easy – just stake it down using the included stakes and tethers. No batteries needed, simply plug it in and watch it self-inflate in seconds. It is also equipped with energy-efficient LED that brings the lawn décor to life at night.

This inflatable skeleton flamingo is made of durable polyester. When fully inflated, it measures 35.83 inches tall, 32.28 inches wide, and 23.23 inches deep. This grumpy, bony bird will certainly bring the fun to your Halloween. It may not look as horrifying as other over-the-top decorations that are designed to scare. But it is sure to make your yard stand out as it gives a disturbing yet hilarious twist to the popular flamingo-inspired lawn ornaments.

inflatable skeleton flamingo halloween decor

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