20 Movie, Book And Computer Game Themed Engagement Rings And Boxes

If your fiancée-to-be is a fan of pop culture, perhaps you should consider something a little different and wholly appropriate when picking out her engagement ring? If she’s obsessed with ‘Star Wars’ (and what girl isn’t?!) then you’ll be pleased to know there are several specially themed Star Wars engagement rings out there, just waiting for you to step up and buy them. Although, if your darling’s love of pop culture is not a total obsession, you could always play it safe and get her a more normal looking ring, but have it packaged in a cool box? Check out 20 of the coolest examples we could find!
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‘Dr Who Tardis’ Ring Box

Gold Circuit Ring

‘Lego’ Ring

Sorting Hat Ring Box

‘The Hobbit’ Ring Box

‘Tardis’ Ring Box

‘Indiana Jones’ Ring

‘Star Wars’ Ring In ‘R2D2’ Box

‘Stargate’ Ring And Box

Microchip Ring

Engagement ring that glows when her fiancé is near.

‘Monopoly’ Board Ring Holder

‘Pokemon’ Engagement Ring And Box

‘Harry Potter’ Golden Snitch Ring

‘Super Mario’ Ring Box

‘R2-D2’ ring

Death Star Ring Box

‘Wall-e’ Ring Box

Another ‘Super Mario’ Ring Box

Pretty ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Ring Compartment

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