This Hilarious Comic Strip Shows The Variety Of Ways To Have Your Coffee


If you're anything like us, coffee is one of the only reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Even just a few years ago, in most households you had your basic coffee pot, instant coffee, or nothing. But, now different ways of making coffee have come to the mainstream, and most people have some gadget or fancy method for making the perfect cup of joe. Grant Snider, from 'Incidental Comics', has drawn this hilarious cartoon strip which offers a humorous take on the different ways to make coffee, as well as different types of coffee. For instance, if you want fair trade coffee, how about trading your baby for a coffee? Yup, that seems like a fair trade! Let's take a look!
Website: Incidental Comics




Well, this has certainly shed a new light on coffee making for us! Bring on the pumpkin spice! 

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