Artists Illustrate What Famous Cartoon Skeletons Might Look Like

As humans we think a lot about the health and well-being of our own bodies. However, have you ever wondered what’s under the ‘skin’ of some of your favorite cartoon characters? What might ‘Goofy’s’ skull look like, as his face is pretty weird anyway? Or, maybe you’ve been pondering the question we all want to know, is ‘Spongebob’ really made from sponge? Well, take a look at these 14 images to find out what’s really going on under the skin of cartoon characters!


‘Homer Simpson’ looks fairly freaky on the inside!


We wonder why ‘Charlie Brown’ doesn’t fall over with the weight of that huge skull!


This is kind of terrifying!



‘Sailor Moon’ looks far prettier with her skin on!


So, ‘Spongebob’ isn’t made entirely from sponge after all!


‘Master Shake’ looks so strange as a skeleton!


This would actually make a pretty decent educational toy!


These are the imaginary skeletons of ‘Felix’ the cat and ‘Goofy’ the dog!


Poor old ‘Fred Flinstone’s’ bones don’t look too good.


Awesome! A centaur!


This ‘LEGO’ figure skeleton is similar to us humans!


We thought ‘PAC-MAN’S’ skeleton would look cuter, somehow!


Skeleton-‘Pikachu’ looks like a grumpy old man!