IKEA Has Released A Tool That Lets People Design Their Dream Couches And The Results Are Hilarious

What if IKEA allowed you to use a planning tool with the option to personalize building a couch? What would your home mates responses be?

There’s no couch too big for a spacious living room. If you really want such space, you can have a luxurious lounge composed of a huge padded sofa with all those blankets and pillows put nicely together.

Well, at IKEA, anything like that is possible. The company knows how much we appreciate sofas and the freedom to fit them into precise square meters. The good news is that the company is giving us that precious gift. Now, we can choose the layout we so dream of.

Yup, the Swedish furniture giant IKEA has prepared a planning tool for you on their website. It has the option of building couch designs with it.

Customers are enjoying as much as they want. They’ve been building all sorts of large couches. Some even placed in there a power sofa worth $15,000! The colossal size is like crying out for some popcorn and a giant screen through which you can watch your favorite shows!

So, what’s your opinion about this new trend? Scroll down below, and you might find something that can eventually inspire you!


It was the Swedish entrepreneur Ingvar Kamprad who founded IKEA.

He always had this inspiration to do big things, even while he was yet young. When he was 5 years of age, Ingvar sold matches to his neighbors. When he reached seven, he then began to sell farther afield. And, to do that, he used his bicycle.

Ingvar later found that he could buy matches in bulk for a low price in Stockholm. Then, he could resell these matches individually at a meager amount, and by doing so, still earning a good profit. Then, from matches, he went on to sell flower seeds, Christmas tree decors, greeting cards, ballpoint pens, and pencils.

The name IKEA stands for “Ingvar Kamprad” and for two places in which he grew up.

Then, when Ingvar reached 17 in 1943, his father rewarded him for his success in his studies. The reward? It was money. As you would expect, Ingvar would use it to build up his business. His business? Of course, it would be IKEA, whose name has been derived from Ingvar’s initials: I.K. Then, the “E” stands for Elmtaryd while “A” stands for Agunnaryd. These two were the farm and field in which he grew up.

Originally, IKEA sold pens, picture frames, wallets, table runners, jewelry, watches, and nylon stockings. Everything was sold at reduced prices to meet people’s needs.






It was in 1948 that IKEA introduced furniture.

These furniture were produced by local manufacturers, and the production location was in forests nearby Ingvar’s home. People responded well with it, and the founder could no longer hold his business on a one-on-one model. By this time, he began releasing a catalog, and IKEA then served mail orders.

As for flat packaging, it began somewhat unplanned when one IKEA worker had to remove the legs of the LÖVET table. He needed it to fit a car and hence keep it from damage while transporting it. After the happy accident of having to do the technique, self-assembling furniture and flat packs became a vital part of the IKEA service.

Finally, in 1960, the founder has established the first IKEA store in Almhult, south of Sweden. It was such a massive success in the country that it soon spread to the US, France, the U.K., and Italy. It was in 1980 that IKEA started to embrace itself the way it presents the company now.



During the 1990s, the company introduced children’s IKEA. Its primary aim was to provide solutions for homeowners that have children. They then formed the IKEA Group with the vision of keeping their business geared toward being responsible for the environment as well as for the people.

It was then in the 90s that IKEA spread widely across Europe. The company finally went online in 1997, thus expanding its already booming mail order service. The modern IKEA that we now know has grown into a huge company providing everything for your home and office. They’ve even expanded into food! In fact, it’s already possible for you to buy some Swedish meatballs that you could, for instance, bring with you during a trip.

With all the rich history and service that IKEA has, could you imagine a world without it? Wouldn’t you rely on it for furniture? Well, you probably would!

If IKEA is that important to you, we think you might be interested in the planning tool it has provided. Check out what people have produced using the building couch option and see what their personal responses are!


























Source: IKEA