Limited Edition Coca-Cola Holiday Cans Feature Hidden Designs That Will Warm The Heart

Coca-Cola’s holiday cans sure bring a festive, warm and fuzzy feeling –thanks to its adorable designs. But if you’ve got a keen eye for detail, you’ll notice skillfully disguised symbols that will surely put a smile on your face.

Noma Bar, Israeli artist and graphic designer is the genius behind this. An expert at using negative spaces as artistic canvasses, his minimal yet clever masterpieces usually have multiple images entwined together. Thus, while designing Coca-Cola’s cans for a second consecutive year, wavy silhouettes were used which only those with the sharpest eyes will notice.

Take a look for yourself and be blown away. You’ll even find yourself asking, “Why haven’t I spotted this before?”

Limited edition Coca-Cola cans in lush shades of red, green, black and silver.

Can You Spot Them? Let’s Put Your “I-Spy” Skills to The Test!

Check Out The Bottles On Their Glimmering Noses…

These Polar Bears Have Super Cute Bottle Cap Eyelashes…

Negative Space Images of Open Coca-Cola Bottles…

Bar said, “I realized that I was not just drawing bears, but landscapes as well.”

“The illustrations capture special holiday moments of family togetherness.”