Artist Noel Cruz Repaints Mass Produced Dolls To Make Them Look More Realistic With Amazing Results

When you think about dolls, you probably think of the things that little children play with. However, they have a much wider target audience than that. Certain dolls, such as imitation pieces, are highly collectible and have a price tag to match. It takes a special kind of talent to create such items and here we have someone who highlights this perfectly. Artist Noel Cruz repaints mass produced dolls to make them look more realistic and the results are simply shocking. Take a look and see for yourself!
Website: NoelCruz/Facebook

Angelina Jolie – Maleficent

Ashley Greene – Alice Cullen

Ben Affleck – Batman

Cate Blanchett – Lady Tremaine


Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter

Diana Ross

Emma Watson – Belle 

Emma Watson – Belle

Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman

Gal Galdot – Wonder Woman

Heath Ledger – The Joker

Helena Bonham Carter – Fairy Godmother

Ian Somerhalder – Damon Salvatore

We are simply in awe at the transformation in these dolls. The after versions are stunningly lifelike! Noel Cruz is a Filipino artist who is currently working in the USA. If you’re impressed by his work, you’ll be pleased to hear that Noel does take commissions, which you can find out more information on by heading over to his website. However, he does not offer dolls based off of family members or friends. Keep scrolling to see even more mind blowing doll transformations that will have your jaw dropping! 

Jennifer Lawrence – Katniss Everdeen

Jennifer Lopez

Jim Parsons – Sheldon Cooper

Johnny Depp – Captain Jack Sparrow

Kendall Jenner

Kristen Stewart – Bella Swan/Cullen

Lady Gaga

Liv Tyler – Arwen

Lucille Ball

Marilyn Monroe

Naomie Harris – Tia Dalma

Princess Diana

Ralph Fiennes – Lord Voldermort

Robert Pattinson – Edward Cullen