Intriguing Photos You’ll Have To Look Twice At

Here at Awesome Inventions, we can’t get enough of a strange photo! Whether they be the result of clever camera trickery or simply due to a snap being taken at the just the right moment, we love them all. Here we have a brilliant collection of photos you’ll have to look twice at. Some of them you can figure out easily but others are absolutely mind boggling. Either way, they’re interesting and lots of fun! Take a look and test yourself on how many leave you fooled! 

Photos You’ll Have To Look Twice At

Seeing Double

We wouldn’t want to get in the middle of this scrap! 

Interesting Hairstyle

We’re not sure if the pony tail paired with the short cut works for us… 

Meditating Chihuahua

What it would look like if Chihuahuas had human hair styles… 

Defying Gravity

We love trick shots like this! 

Human/Dog Hybrid

We’re now imagining a world where people have human bodies but dog heads… 

It’s A Magic Trick

There must have been a magician close by… 

Magic Carpet

The quickest way to make an announcement to a lot of people? Fly down the beach! 

Birds Are Taking Over The World

Just act casual, walk past them slowly, then run for your life! 

Napping Indiscreetly

How to take a nap without anyone noticing… 

Benjamin Button

This photo always blows our mind! Everything lines up perfectly! 

Alternate Reality

We just cannot figure out what is going on here! 

Eye See You

This drain that resembles an eye is oddly calming to look at. 

Hold On Tight, We’re Going For A Ride

It appears in some parts of the world, giants really do exist!