14 Hilariously Terrible Tattoo Face Swaps That Will Make You Glad You Aren’t The People Involved – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on hilariously terrible tattoo face swaps that will make you glad you aren’t the people involved! We wonder how many of the people featured in this post still have these tattoos to this day. If we had any of them they would have definitely been removed ASAP! We wish we could have seen the faces of the recipients when their tattoos were complete, although, we reckon a lot of them may have actually been happy with the results to photograph them and put them on the internet! Keep going to see even more shocking images!
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Green Day

Hulk Hogan

Justin Bieber


Marilyn Monroe

Michael Jackson

Roaring Tiger


Son And Daughter


The Joker


White Tiger

Howling Wolf