12 Awesome Beauty Tricks That Make Looking Good Easy


Every girl has a few well tested tricks up their sleeves for achieving the right make up look. Here we look at 12 of the easiest yet most effective hints and tips around to ensure you look great all day long. From how to get thicker, more lustrous lashes to creating your own lip tint, it’s all here with something for everyone. Do you have any tried and tested “must share” tips? Let us know in the comments below.


mascara eyedrops

A couple of drops of saline solution gives an injection of life into old, dried out mascara.



Tightlining (filling in between your lashes) gives the appearance of healthy full lashes which in turn help you look your very best.


make own lip tint

Make your own lip tint by mixing powder eye shadow and Vaseline!


eye bag rid

Don’t dot concealer under your eyes. Instead fan it out underneath your eyes to your cheekbone area for superior coverage.


perfect brows

Well groomed eyebrows give a “polished” look to your face. Tweeze, comb and fill in where necessary.


matte lips

Apply blush over your lipstick for a modern matte look. Just be sure to color match!


apply smoky eye

For smoking hot eyes in less than a minute sweep a dark creme shadow over your lid, letting it get lighter and more sparse near the crease. Next, choose a complimentary eye shadow and apply it above the crease, blending well. Finish off with a highlighting shadow along the brow bone. Simple!



When applying mascara and getting little flecks on your skin, wait until they are completely dry then simply gently rub with a cotton swab!


baby powder lashes

Forget those expensive lash building mascaras and use baby powder to turn your lashes from ok to amazing in seconds!


3D lips

3D lips give the illusion of fullness and are so easy to achieve!


tightlining method

Another tightlining tutorial which will emphasize your eyes subtly yet perfectly!


eye liner shadow

Wonky, squiggly lines of eyeliner and eye shadow will be a thing of the past with this cool sticky note, credit card or tape trick!