12 Hilarious Signs That You Need To See – Part 1


Most signs are pretty straight forward. You read them, they give you some information or other and that’s that. However, some folks choose to get more creative with their signs and make them funny, to grab people’s attention, to make them think, or just because they find it amusing. We’ve collected photos of some of the funniest signs from all over the English-speaking world, and beyond! We hope you find them as funny as we do! So, check out these twelve hilarious signs that you need to see!



The best, you say?


Yes, yes… we get the picture!


The clue’s in the name, really!


We love the twist here!


That’s one way to get drivers to slow down.


Good to know!


We couldn’t help but notice this notice.


We don’t think that’s exactly how it’s supposed to go down.


This is clever!


We love a good pun!


They’ve got a point there.


How rude!

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