Hilarious Posts About Sick Husbands Who Catch A Cold And Think They’re Dying

We all get sick, and we all know the experience sucks. However, getting a cold or the flu is not to be confused with the horrors of suffering from man flu. Man flu sends men to the edge of death, and if they’re lucky, they will just about survive. Unfortunately, some of these victims will have wives, girlfriends and partners who have to deal with the consequences. Below we have some hilarious posts about sick husbands! Take a look! 

Hilarious Posts About Sick Husbands

Sick men everywhere… 

Sick Husbands all must suffer with me


Yeah, just one small, teeny weeny difference… 

It’s always good to be prepared when things are touch and go. 

When you can’t take it anymore… 

Well, of course, it’s important to rehash epic battles and brave survivals. 

Ice cream makes everything feel better. 

Man-dying should definitely be added to the dictionary in our opinion.

Almost, but not quite! 

Sick Husbands man fever


The perfect gift for the male in your life that survived man flu.

When your husband gets a cold, his whining can literally end the relationship. 

We couldn’t have summed it up better ourselves. 

What a difficult question… not. 

When your sick vs when your husband is sick…

If you want an honest evaluation…